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Jinsook Choi

Division of General Studies
Associate Professor

Phone : (052) 217-2014
E-mail : jschoi@unist.ac.kr



I am a linguistic anthropologist and associate professor at the Division of General Studies, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea. I received my Ph.D. in Anthropology from SUNY at Albany.

I did my research in Guatemala for my Ph.D., studying Mayan identity and language ideology. I have continued my research interests in identity, language ideology after my Ph.D. I have recently worked on how people negotiate the spaces between institutional policies and the localized daily practices in Korea through an ethnographic study of language practices at UNIST where English is an official language.

In addition to continuing work on language policy and language ideologies, currently, I am running a research project as a P.I. It is an interdisciplinary research project which involves communication, empathy and collaboration which are not only social scientifically interesting as features of human sociality, but also competencies that we might need to acquire, given the condition where we become more isolated and disconnected due to high competition and decreasing face-to-face interaction in daily life.



Linguistic Anthropology, Bilingual Education, Intercultural Communications, Multicultural Communications, Applied Linguistics, Globalization, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology, Identity politics,  Internationalisation of Higher Education, Evolution of Human Sociality, Bilingualism …



UNIST, Division of General Studies, Faculty Member