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Korean Journal

  • (under review) “Woori-ga Namiga”(We’re brothers): Indexical Inversion and Representation of Regionality in Korea. Korean Cultural Anthropology (in Korean)
  • 2016 A Linguistic Anthropological Study of the Typification of Middle Aged Men in Korea: An Examination of Ajae gag data Korean Cultural Anthropology 49(3) (in Korean)
  • 2016 Choi, J and J.Ahn. “Verbalization of Boundaries and Communication” Cross-Cultural Studies. 22(2) (in Korean)
  • 2015 Oh,S, Kwak, Y, Kim, S, Kim, C, Choi, J The Effect of Pre-Adaptation Lighting Condition on the Experimental Results of Emotional Lighting. Journal of Korean Society of Color Studies. 29(1) (in Korean)
  • 2014 Using Korean in the Space of English Language Facts and Perspectives 33 (in Korean)
  • 2014 Kim, J and Choi, J. University Administrative Workers’ Perceptions of the Workplace Context under English as an Official Language Policy. The Sociolinguistic Journal of Korea 22(2)
  • 2013 “Language Ideology as an Intervening Process in Language Shift: The Case of Bilingual Education in Guatemala” Asian Journal of Latin American Studies. 26(3).
  • 2012 “The Present Meanings of Mayan Beauty Queen in Guatemala” Asian ournal of Latin American Studies 24(4) (in Korean)
  • 2010 Cho, H., Park, D., Yang, H, and Choi,. J. “Ethnic Korean Youths Abroad and Their Meanings of Ethnic Identity: Focusing on In-depth Interviews with Ethnic Korean Youths Visiting Korea” Korean Journal of International Migration. 1(1)
  • 2010 “A Linguistic Anthropological Reflection on Interview: An Examination of Interview Data in Studies on Identity” Korean Cultural Anthropology 43(3) (in Korean)
  • 2010 “The Theoretical Trends of Linguistic Anthropology: Focusing on the Code Switching Analysis” Language Facts and Perspectives 26: 67-95 (in Korean)
  • 2009  “The emergence of the discourse of ‘Indigenous Peoples’ and the reified concept of ‘Culture’: A case of Guatemala” Revista Ibetoamericana 20(1) (in Korean)
  • 2008 A Study of Contested Discourses of Mayan Orthography in Guatemala: Language Ideology and Mayan Identity. Korean Cultural Anthropology. 41(2) (in Korean)
  • 2007 A Study of the Notion of ‘Race’ in Latin America. Asian Journal of Latin American Studies. 20(3) (in Korean)
  • 2005 The Ideological Construction of Mayan Identities in Guatemala: The Reproduction of Linguistic Prejudice through Code switching. Korean Cultural Anthropology. 38(2) (in Korean)
  • 2005 Double Bind Between Racialization and Ethnicization: A Study of Mayan Identities in Guatemala. Cross Cultural Studies. 11(2) (in Korean)