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Korean Book Chapters

  • 2017 “The Whale Culture in Ulsan” in Ulsan Folk Culture. National Folk Museum: Seoul
  • 2012 “The Emergence of the discourse of ‘Indigenous Peoples’ and the Reification of ‘Culture’” in The Shift in Latin America: Change and Conflict. Hanul: Seoul
  • 2011 “Latin American Expats’ Experience in Korea” in Joo, J (ed.), An Investigation of Latin American Immigrants in Korea. KIEP: Seoul.
  • 2011 “Theoretical Trends in Linguistic Anthropology: With the Focus on the Studies of Code-switching” Kim, H (ed.) Visions and Tasks of Humanistic Linguistics: Multifaced Perspectives on Language and Culture. Pakyijeong: Seoul.
  • 2010 “The Structure and Modes of Jokes and Punnings” in Wang, H (ed.) Korean, Korean Culture, and Korean Society.  Kyomun: Seoul.